Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cool rain gets caught

remember tose little hypebeast toys i posted up a while back? guess what? they made the mini fixed gear figures without consent. this was brought up by cinelli, and we all know that cinelli is gearing towards the youthful fixed gear rain cinelli preview 1 Cool Rain x Cinelli Preview
well, i guess cinelli was cool with it and now we're going to see a collaboration between the korean based cool rain the italian brand we all are starting to hate.
cool rain cinelli preview 2 Cool Rain x Cinelli Preview
now...if my buddies at paul compnents see this.... well, seriously, that's messed up. paul components is a very down to earth small component company. ripping off their design for the folly of showing the world how hype you are is not cool at all. sick that they notice, but messed up without consent...



S.K. said...

The pants are too baggy.

J.mika'ele said...

DUDE I KNOOOOW!! and no one would run air force ones on a bike! it's silly i tell you, silly.