Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brooks saddles colored limited edition collection

(via FGB)
i'm not a fan of a seat that requires more maintenance than my bike chain, so i dont like brooks saddles. i am a fan of ridiculous detail so i guess these look pretty cool in lieu of my beliefs:

ECMC berlin

NACCC boston

Seattle NAHBPC & lsp bike polo

NAHBPC Seattle

LSP bike polo

London EHBPC & WHBPC Philadelphia

WHBPC Philadelphia

London EHBPC
(via carnival tokyo)

looks goooood.....



Anonymous said...

First off , sir, how are you gonn review shit you know nothing about? The brooks saddle requires you to put proofide on it ONCE A YEAR. Not sure what kind of chain you have, but it needs to be lubed more than once a year. I understand that you are being a little sarcastic about it but say something a little more believable like "i dont like a saddle that requires more maintenance than my butt plugs". I also understand that youre probably one of those assholes that got into riding not just fixed gear bikes, but bikes in general about a yer and a half about, you started out with a schwinn traveler that you had your friend who already has a "fixie" convert for you, then you spent more on your front wheel (aero/tri spoke) than you would have on a decent entry level track bike. Grow the fuck up and ride a bike.
Thank you

J.mika'ele said...

woah woah woah. hostitlity not needed. for your information, i grew up a mile away from hellyer- the epicenter of nor cal track cycling. i used to watch races all the time. ive been a downhill mountain biker for longer than i can remember. i got into riding fixed as means of transportation, and i would never find myself on a conversion. i understand my sarcasm is difficult to comprehend at times. so yes, i do know that a chain needs more maintenance than i once stated. this was not a review, more of a look at them.

i just dislike hipsters who take a saddle that belongs on a touring bike and puts it on a silly schwinn conversion much like the one you described.

we're not so different you and i. you dislike conversion, i dislike conversions.

and i will ride my bike.