Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more starfuckers product: BARSSSS

looks like starfuckers is pumping them out! the thing i like about reading about their stuff is the ridiculously bad translation yahoo gives me- example:

"2 kinds and the drop handle of various riser bar arrived.
The steering wheel [tsu] [te] whose color development is many it is little to here, is, don't you think??
The person who grows tired of black, there is also cancer/gun meta how oddball.
The quick person it wins!!

As for CA RISER BAR the easy [chi] of rise 100mm it is position.
The steering wheel which is good to also the trick exactly.
The bar spinning at width, 500mm it is difficult to hit against the foot.
With all the 9 color developments 3045 Yen!

i never knew cancer was a color. i men you can have colon cancer, but not the color cancer... anyway- TO THE BARS!
DSC_0133 by starfuckers.DSC_0128 by starfuckers.

DSC_0144 by starfuckers.DSC_0139 by starfuckers.
"Rise 80mm to put out CA INTER SET BAR, width 610mm of spreading. Because wall thickness it is made with the aluminum, it is optimum to also hard riding. With all the 5 color developments 5145 Yen!"
DSC_0115 by starfuckers.DSC_0125 by starfuckers.
DSC_0108 by starfuckers.
"As for CA DROP HANDLE BAR at width 350mm stylish drop handle. The drop steering wheel how inside which is also 9 colors it is serving. 5145 Yen in price! It is cheap!"

dude those drops look BAAAAAD. i may have to go look for some gunmetal ones....


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