Sunday, November 15, 2009

metal mondays (on sunday): OAK-MUTHA-F*CKING-LAND B*TCH.

i would like to start the post with a win.

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with that out of the way, i would like to state that i love oakland. oakland is the home of the a's (who do not belong in fremont), the warriors (who suck now that baron davis and everyone else betrayed us), mc hammer, luke skywalker (yes, mark hamill is from oakland. jedis are gangsta.), green day, tupac, Jeff Hanneman (slayer), chris broderick (Megadeth), sleep (actually, sleep is from my hometown san jose... but matt pike is from oakland), and....
RAIDER MUTHA F*CKING NATION B*TCH. yeah we havent won a superbowl since the 80's so what?  so we havent seen the playoffs since 02. who cares. we love our team and we stick by it. but al davis needs to croak, sorry.

in any case, oakland is home to a band by the name of suffokate. if you know me and youve seen me, you know that i don a shirt exclaiming SUFFOKATE with a raider esque logo. it's my favorite shirt. but how it came to be so tracks back to my girlfriend.

you see, as i was searching for harder music, my girlfriend introduced me to local hardcore (bay area hardcore BAHC for short). i believe the hardcore scene died out in san jose a year ago or so, but thats a digression. one day she went to a suffokate show and returned with a shirt. now im not gonna wear a shirt and not know the dudes behind it- i have heard of suffokates music before, but never really engaged in listening. after hearing them i was hooked.

the song was "the skies were filled with fire", and it was DOPE. i mean, come on! the song begins with " (breakdown) pussies. RRRRRRREEEEEEEHHHH!!!" you cant argue with that!

im not gonna say anymore, and let the music talk. dont tell me this doesnt make you want to love oakland. dont tell me this doesnt make you want to fight someone. yeah, thought so


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