Monday, November 9, 2009

Metal Mondays: Bleed From Within

IKTPQ will always have high regards, but this song is one of my favorites from my eurocore days. bleed from within used to open for prom queen so naturally, i looked into them. like early bring me the horizon, i had no f*cking clue what these guys were saying. seriously, if you slowed it down, you still would have no idea what theyre saying. look at these lyrics and see if you can follow along....

"for days ive hiden away from this curse that weakens me
tears down my every dream
withering away i watch as you crawl through my mind
tearing down all thats left
your beauty lies inside buried beneath a mask
that you wear only to hide your true emotions
your self pity that you place upon the mind of the innocent
only digs you deeper down in the ground where you'l lay for this eternity
ill walk the night that leads me forth to my destiny
and you will rot as u watch me burning these gallows
where ill hang your head
And dance around the flames

Yeeeeaaaahhh NO.

 it's f*cking great. agressive, heavy, as well as technical (im a sucker for fast paced drums) this song would see alot of airplay in my car. i had to wake up at 6 ish to go to school so "we are gathered here today" woke me up sooooooooo well. i havent been keeping up with them but it looks like their sound shasnt changed much. and that's a good thing when i look back the other bands i listened to E.G. bring me the horizon (not that i dont like their sound, it's BMTH? it's like a whole different band, you'd understand if you were a fan. oli sykes is... not soft, but different).

overall, bleed from within is a fusion on hardcore and death metal that i love to immerse myself in. you can tell this band is good because you look at the lead singer scott who looks like he needs to be in a hardcore band, then you look in the backround with craig, dave, davie, and ali (who is a fantastic drummer btw)- those dudes look like swissgar swigelf, toki wartooth, and nathan explosion type lookalikes that belong in a death metal band... put both elements together, you get a kick ass sound.


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