Thursday, November 19, 2009

i have to do this on a separate post to hype up my next post: 2010 SE Lager, draft, and premium ale

(via SE)
if you dont know by now, i love SE bikes. i love the quadangle, the OM flyer, the quintessential pk ripper, the premium brew, the draft, the bronco, the mini ripper, the stout..i can go on and on and on. however i ride a 2008 lager and i have to rep my se roots.

let's start with the cheap stuff, the draft and draft lite:


it's cheap. hi tensile steel, 3 piece cranks- cheap. way better than a republic, i can guarantee that. i actually think it's kinda sick theyre using oldschool graphics for this. in addition, STRAIGHT FORK (a big problem in the 2008 and 2009 model). to be honest, the draft is the hi-ten version of my frame and i cant say anything bad about that.  the lite comes in black blue or pink. the regular draft comes in dirty gold or white.

Now to the lager. unlike the draft, it's cro-mo (YAY CRO-MO!). comes with a tt pad (fail in my book) and the quintessential bottle opener seat (makes up for ttpad fluke) and utilizes contemorary retro logos all around. finally, SE is paying tribute to their colors. i like. OH and it comes in wood grain. yes. wood grain.
throw the verde timber seat on there, the early mosh wood bmx cranks (maybe it'll work) as well as the teak veneer rims. people will be TRIPPIN BALLLLLLLS.

the premium ale like it's predecessor, the premium brew, uses a threaded fork setup. looking at it, all it is is a fuji league/feather. actually the se lager is the same as fuji's classic track. i like se's stuff better because of the component choice...

if youre reading this and you think something is seriously lacking in this post, then youre absolutely right. there's a bike i havent put on here. it's the bike i never saw coming....


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