Wednesday, November 4, 2009

belt driven fixed gear: f8

(via FGB)
when trek came out with their belt drive singlespeed, i was amazed. i also wondered when they would make a fixed gear one (and if i could loctite the gear mechanism... i know, hella sketch but whatever). well looks like f8 cycles beat them to the punch:

"f8 began as a search for the ultimate fixed ride through the rough streets of San Francisco. Simplicity and durability were paramount. Designing a bullet-proof frame became an obsession.

The obsession paid off. f8 became the first to offer a belt drive fixed gear, in titanium no less. And less than you’d normally pay for a custom titanium frame.Using a belt means no lubricant. So you can ride to work wearing bleach-white bell bottoms, if your dress code allows. It also means no maintenance, as unlike a metal chain it will not stretch.

It’s also quiet. Too quiet."

now those hipsters can wear their bright red jeans without worrying about grease stains. and those hipsters can afford it- just $2700 of your parents money gets you a bike that requires so little maintenence, it'll look good in your garage. im not a hater, im just really.....not feeling it anymore.



Anonymous said...

for the price they put this bike at its not even worth it. why would anyone need a titanium bike to ride around the city anyways. Seriously?

J.mika'ele said...

i totally agree. if anything, this is probably going to be a garage queen. it's kinda unfortunate that the perfect setup has to be at that price.

such a shame.