Friday, November 13, 2009


local spots by local people. i see city hall, the old sjsu garage, guadalupe park, the dorm parking ramp, the cesar chavez tribute, and the front of the store (iMD). good stuff from donghoh.

remember the guy with the spins for days. no not taylor from gnarcotix, that mike kid! he throws down spinny stuff like it's no one;s business. my goal now is to master the 360 front wheel slider thing at 1:57. want to know something that'll blow your mind? he's 17. damn, i feel old. reminds me of a sponsor me tape. remember those? remember when kids on skateboards had to give up raw footage to shops to sponsor them? remember vhs'? after going through all that, you woudnt even get sponsored? yeah. this kid deserves to be sponsored by leader or something.


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