Thursday, November 12, 2009

Affinity Madness: Affinity Kissena and Lo Pro CMWC, lugged fork, and Ted Shred's Cyclone

(via affinity)
Affinity is raising money for CMWC Japan by donating the first production kissena frameset as well as four lo pro's. for 9 bills, you can have the kissenna, and for 5 bills you can get the lo pro- all this money goes to CMWC. with that, you can have the FIRST production kissena, or a custom Lo Pro. My buddy Mike runs a lo pro he won from chico's alleycat last year, and it's a seriously badass bike. he also got the prototype straight lugged fork last month- which he snapped taking a 3 stair (which was f*cking awesome. shoulda recorded that).
Keeping the affinity theme in this post, over the past few weeks ive had the priviledge to work with SF legend Ted Shred. if you dont know who ted shred is, he was a part of BFF long before the fixed gear thing started going (try 2005ish)

he rides a bianchi in this vid, but currently homeboy rides this:

it's awesome. that is all.


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