Tuesday, October 20, 2009

raw is the new black: the 722TS raw steel frame
(via leader)
i was outside sacred art tattoo shooting the breeze with one dude running a cinelli.  we got onto the subject of leader bikes (and if you know me, i dislike leader alu bikes), and started talking about how they snap if you take on two stairs (yes, they do), as well as how the bottom bracket is the weakest point. with that said, leader is focusing their attention to their steel setups. youve heard enough about the 729trk, so let's  take a look at the 722. im not gonna lie, i still feel al little sketched out on the bottom bracket- it seems really....not beefy among all the beefy tubing leader is known for. anyway, i really like the raw steel- it's powdercoated clear, not painted. this means its a smidge heavier, but you know that there's no rust or anything like that forming in the tubes. i just wish they would take off their logo...


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