Thursday, October 15, 2009

profile stuff availible!

profile chainrings in 144bcd. as baller and built these things are im kinda disappointed theyre not in 130 bcd yet. but i know profile is always good at catering to alot of people so im pretty sure a 130 bcd version is coming soon.

144bcd spline drive spider- it's an engineering feat. though it's been done before, application to fixed gear use is relatively new. hopefully we'll stee 130 bcd spider in a quick minute. i'm kinda sketched out in using more parts for a crankset (more parts= more complications and more money), but profile is really good at their work that these things seem flawless when they ride.

3/8" axle hubs= bomb proof. they come in a plethora of colors so you hipster f*cks can color match as you please.

check em out.


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