Tuesday, October 27, 2009

metal mondays (on tuesday): i'm happy watching you diiiiiiiiieee

this band changed my life. yeah i said it. this band changed my life. i discovered them when i first got into myspace. i was into underoath, getting my feet wet with bands with a more hardcore feel. yeah i listened to anthrax and slayer, but they didnt engulf my life. i wasnt into that enough to appreciate them. so when i started to look for heavier things, i found that i liked eurocore/austrocore over what was happening in stateside. i first heard "say goodbye" and it quickly became my favorite song. i killed the prom queen quickly became my favorite band.

i feel like eurocore shaped who i was throughout highschool. i really like bands like the red shore, bring me the horizon (EARLY bmth, late BMTH is a little soft, but still great), and iktpq. i remember when i first got my car, i threw in the "music for the recently deceased" album in the cd changer and bumped it. it was funny, here i was, a staple in my highschool's hip hop club listening to hardcore thrash. i looked extremely confused with my tight shirts, tight pants, and rare sneakers (i had to put the hip hop somewhere- seems like nowadays that's what's popular now...damn i was cool before it was cool).

i killed the prom queen is long gone, but is still my favorite band. there's just a degree of difficulty that iktpq makes it seem easy. the riffs, the breakdowns, the speed, the melodic aspect of the guitars- it's all there. however you dont think about this when you hear their songs. you just get pumped. i also feel like JJ is the one of the better hardcore drummers out there- he's accurate. the stuff that he plays on album sounds EXACLY like how he plays live- that's a hard feat considering all the fills and off beat stuff he goes. the golden lineup for me was ed, jj, jona, kevin, and sean- the music for the recently deceased album line up. not to mention, that album is THE album to have: "say goodbye", "bet it all on black", "your shirt would look better with a colombian neck tie" (A-F*CKING-MAZING INTRO AND GUITAR SOLO), and "sharks in your mouth" (the song you hear above).

the only one i keep up with now is JJ, who leads another of my favorite bands DEEZ NUTS. a hiphop inspired hardcore band- it doesnt sound good, but when you listen to it, your mind will be blown. "Stay True" is one of those must have albums.

metal mondays this week goes to IKTPQ.


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