Sunday, October 25, 2009

ewan macgregor rides fixed.

(via TokyoFixedGear)
we know robert pattinson rides fixed. we know boris johnson, mayor of london rides fixed. now ewan macgregor rides fixed. im not mad at this. ewan is known to be qute the bike head. TFG said:

"We built Ewan a bike for his upcoming movie The Last Word. The movie is set in Glasgow & directed by David Mackenzie.

He's riding a Gorilla Hattara frame & he's wearing clothing from Pedal.e.d, CCP & Swrve. Ewan took two, one to ride in the movie & one to add to his "collection", he told us he has a Pake (Another brand coming soon!). He seems to love all things with two wheels, when he was down in London he borrowed a bright green Cycroc & rode it round W1, would have been good to get a photo of that.

wonder if ewan had any say on what went on the bike...if he did, he surely had good taste. thank god it's not something that has matching colors and silly stuff like that.


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