Monday, October 26, 2009

electra ticino- beating all city to the punch.

(via FGB)
i hate electra. theyre a cruiser bike company, and chico is full of electras. honestly, i dont know how girls can tell which pink electra is theirs when i look out into bike racks. so when i heard that theyre branching out- i knew it couldnt be good. im not gonna beat around the bush, therye replicating campagnolo sheriff stars. i threw up in my mouth a little. you know im hyped for the allcity sherriff stars, this electra reiteration made my heart sink a little. why? they made a road version. well at least they made it so you cant cut corners and use that hub over an actual campy hub- they cant use campy cassettes! not sure whether that's disrespectful or paying homage...

i hate it.


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