Monday, October 12, 2009

desired hearts x volume cutter @ ride the republic TX

(Via prolly)
so i thought the desired hearts cutter would be crazy, turns out it's just a rattlecanned gold frame. still, it's a cutter and i cant say much about that.

"Rock the Republic is a 3-day (Oct.15-17) music and art festival in downtown Bryan, which is adjacent to us in College Station. They are calling it a "Spectacle of Sight and Sound". There are tons of different live band playing, all of them being from Texas. There is also a stomp competition, a benefit walk, and slam poetry. The cycling events are the main events for Saturday the 17th. There is an alley-cat race starting around 2 pm, followed by live music during the bmx and fixed freestyle comps. The map for the race will be posted sometime this coming week on Third Coast Fixed. The local 20" guys are building I think 3 quarter pipes, a wedge, a grind box, and they will be bringing their huge lake jump ramp also.

The Fixed freestyle comp prize is the one of a kind Volume Cutter. There is also multiple bags, gift certificates, clothing, other components, and a Fuji Track frame for the race and BMX comp. Most of the clothing and two of the bags are being made here in Texas by small independent companies. i.e.: DUAL, EYESORE, Black Gold Cycling, Double A Caps, Subzersive Cycling, The Byke Project."

so if you happen to be in bryan, texas, make it out. it looks really fun.


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