Monday, October 5, 2009

broakland 6 bolt iso adapter
(via urban velo)
leave it up to broakland to put up something so genius. we all know that bolt on cogs may be the future, and we've seen compnent companies adapt to this. however, since this is an early development there's not much out there. hubs have to be backwards (disc brakes are on the opposite side), or spacing may be off (surrent iso hubs produced for this use are ususally 135mm spaced) which makes this new technology a little hard to reach. bay area's own broakland has a genius idea for a conversion. this adapter will run for about $25, and is a great solution for those who dont want to go out and buy a new hub. with this adapter, swapping cogs becomes easy (well, it's no fixed/fixed hub, but if you put this on both sides of a fixed/fixed, that'd be hella sick) and the 135mm spacing problem is solved.


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