Thursday, October 22, 2009

boski x cinelli

(via prolly)
i'm not sure what to think about this. i want to bash on it but i cant. there's so many nice details to this bike that i cant really say anything bad about it. first off the detail on the for is amazing- the inside has a black patter, but the out side is white. and the logo has the same pattern, but it's got some fade action going. the 650 makes it look agressive, but the handlbars tell me it's only for barspins. i'm totally confused. i want to not like this bike.

why? because it's another cinelli collabo. rvca  and cinelli, forgivable. mash and cinelli, amazing. this? no so sure. i really dont like how big time companies are making trick spec bikes. no one makes hill bombers anymore.... =\


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