Tuesday, October 6, 2009

affinity 212

(via prorry)
everytime i meet up with ted shred he talks about the affinity cyclone prototype hes building up. he's rolling a cruiser bike with spoke cards right now, so im kinda hyped to see the cyclone close up (rumor is, that a frameset will be a prize in the chico comp next month). aside fromm the cyclone, new for 2010 affinity's new road frame the 212. this is a road bike: lugged frame, option for frame shifting- classic yet modern with tattoo syle logos (i want to put my bike in that style font- cheezy, i know). at $675 per frameset, it's a pretty good deal. it's not carbon, it's not alu, but it's an affinity so it's built solid. you dont find this quaility in a steel frame unless it's italian, and those frames shoot up into the thousands. if i had one, i would slap some old school TT components....


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