Friday, October 9, 2009

10/9 messenger appreciation day

today is courier appreciation day. lest we forget that the fixed gear is a commonality among messengers, and therefore we must give them credit where it is due. ten nine means repeat in radio code. in '91, a mayoral proclaimation was made that 10/9 would be courier appreciation day under art agnos. in '97 toronto joined sf in celebrating 10/9:

"Bicycle messengers are a common sight on downtown streets. In Toronto, more than 500 messengers are employed by more than 50 courier companies, and they make an estimated 1.2 million deliveries each year. As a result, approximately 2500 fewer vehicles travel in the downtown core.

Using bicycles as transportation helps to alleviate problems caused by pollution, congestion and gridlock faced by Toronto and other large urban centres around the world. Bike messengers help reduce carbon dioxide emmissions, take up less space on our streets than motor vehicles, and provide an efficient, fast and cost effective service.

On behalf of the Councils of the City of Toronto and the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, it is our pleasure to show appreciation for a profession that recognizes the bicycle as a viable form of transportation and promotes safety for all road users. In recognition of the contribution made by bicycle messengers we proclaim October 9, 1997 as Messenger Appreciation Day."

today, it's celebratedby calgary, chi-town, edmonton, SF, toronto, montreal, vancouver, houston and DC.

"Let's congratulate all bike couriers on the benefits they bring to our cities:

    • a solution to the problems of pollution, congestion and gridlock faced by large urban centres
    • reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the downtown core
    • take up less space on the road and do less damage to the roads than cars resulting in better conditions and streets for all road users
    • increase the safety of pedestrians compared to cars. (studies show that pedestrians are "250 times as likely to be injured by a car, bus or taxi" than a bike.)
    • aid charities
    • draw tourists and international attention to cities through events and races
    • provide a value added service that continuously improving firms seek out as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency (crucial to the movement of important information)
    • are ambassadors of goodwill for the city
    • provide a link between many of urban homeless people and the rest of the downtown core
    • year round cyclists who promote the bicycle as a viable form of transportation and economic development"



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