Wednesday, September 23, 2009

urban velo's image dump of interbike
up top is traitor cycle's 650cmx everyone is ripping on and on the bottom is the crusade, traitor's cyclocross offering.
there's the super pista everyone wants. with aeropokes all the hipsters want.
actually, the hipsters like that vintage look....
wow knog is coming up with sweet sh*t foldable tools. super technological lock. and an update of the quinessential knog frog/beetle.
masi is pulling out all the stops by putting really high end components on their bikes. man, what happened to building up bikes. how sad.
the boys at shorty fatz shared a booth with phil wood. i really like the classic looking eight series: drops, gum sidewalls, cork tape, is that a flite seat? wow. but what's even more wow is that GOLD ANNIVERSARY PHIL HUB AND BB. man, a set of those hubs is like $600. those hubs should go for about triple that....
green mashinelli? im confused too...
cinelli looks like it's aiming for a younger unfortunate.
looks like randos have new competition....
it's a niche. and it wont fit on my belt nicely.
wow. ...really? that's uhm.... distasteful. streetwrapz? no thanks.
i'd track that. hellyer? anyone?
ive been wating for this one...  i dont care it's alu. it's still a real fixed gear from se that dons the pk ripper name.  aw f*ck... nvm it still had the dc logo on it. i guess it's not a general release yet. *sigh*

thanks to urban velo for posting up pics!


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