Friday, September 18, 2009

stuff that pisses me off: whatever this is.

i found this  on this:
"Bike couriers are the least glamorous and often hardest working people around. Photographer Ruud Baan and Holland’s JFK Magazine have teamed together for a ‘Bike Courier’ editorial that is turning that stereotype on its head.

Featuring smokin’ hot model Simon de Boekers, Baan, according to, thought “that courier companies should pay more attention to their employees and dress them in the most fashionable way, believing that image counts.” Using bicycle manufacturing firm Raar to get them moving, the ‘Bike Courier’ editorial turns couriers from drab to fab!"

are you kidding me? messengers are hard working people, they have no time to think about what they're wearing. and furthermore, they wear what is most comfortable to ride with- that's what their job calls for. if youre going to be on a bike all day, you might as well wear the clothes that are most comfortable for riding all day. and the pictures make it worse:

are you serious? you want couriers to wear WHAT? couriers dont wear loafers because they need stiff shoes for response. couriers font wear heavy trench coats because it's excess weight. couriers dont wear dress shirts because they get ridiculously uncomfortable. COURIERS WOULDNT WEAR ANY OF THIS SH*T. and they wouldnt be caugh dead with a f*cking purse. yeah i said it- that dude is toting a purse. A PURSE. where's the wind breaker? wheres the arm warmers? wheres the molteni cycling cap? where's the spandex? where are the ol' cutoff jeans? WHERE'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING A COURIER SHOULD HAVE OTHER THAN A BIKE- THE MESSENGER BAG? the brake thing kinda ticked me off too, but i know that there are couriers who do utilize a brake... but in any case, JFK mag of holland is misrepresenting what the future of the bicycle couriers' image. messengers wear what they wear because it helps on the job. it's not fashionable (whatever the f*ck that is) but it's functional. that's why you dont see hardcore cycle messengers with tuxes....


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