Friday, September 25, 2009

more hipster nascar intebike coverage

kuota's sticking it to the man with their display. nice of them to put a note exclaiming the origin of their gorgeous mud. to put into perspective, this is what the kuota kross looks like sans ice cream mud paint job:

i think i like the mud better.speaking of high end, the brand whith the biggest cult following released their 2010 track lineup

the top end 596 has a questionable camel like top tube.

im guessing this is the newly updated 496. look how aero that bar setup is. ITS....SO... LOW!

oohh, look! it's a look entry level track bike. (wow bad joke.)

here's that awesome knog lock. apparently it doenst use batteries, just a crazy chip like thing. well all i know is, this thing wont fit that brand new u lock holster you just bought.

oh velocity, your so funny. (i secretly want these. NOT...... maybe)

so i guess this is the next mashinelli. green? a little much.

aaron and simon doing it big again!


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