Thursday, September 10, 2009

locked cog's review of eightinch stuff

ive been keeping a close eye on eighthinch, just waiting for a review on some of their stuff. why was i so sketched out? this stuff was cheap- i didnt know whether it was origin 8 cheap or amazing f*cking deal cheap. thanks the lockedcog, i can finally get those cranks and wheels. locckedcog reviewed the v.2 scrambler frameset, the julian wheelset, cog and lockring, and crankset:
trickbuild 520x346 EighthInch Full Review!
great notes include:

v.2 frame
-frame clears 32's no problem, can potentially fit 35's
-stock fork (not pictured) can barspin a 23
-small frame parts are solid (headset, seat clamp, and seatpost- usually doesnt come with other frames from other companies)
 mg 0858 520x780 EighthInch Full Review!
julian 42mm wheels
-formula hubs (cheap, but amazing)
-structurally solid

 mg 0855 520x346 EighthInch Full Review!
cog & lockring
-not stamped
-go from 12t-20t

 mg 0853 520x780 EighthInch Full Review!
-130 BCd, so it can fit your sugino messengers
-stiff enough

i dont want to go into any more details, to head over to lockedcog to see it for yourself.
(all pics via lockedcog)


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