Monday, September 21, 2009

juliet elliot's new rig

a few days ago juliet posted this picture:
charge scissor

and now she's got it all built up!

(via FXEPXE)
if i were to have a trick setup, this would be it. though there arent any specs up, i see a half link chain, bolt on cog hub setup (really wondering who makes that one...), HUGE 38c tires (charge scissors have that kind of clearance? i did not know that), the quinessential sugino messenger crank, as well as the new bucket seat (look like one that came straight from eurobike. i like.) now get of that bmx you just got and hop back on a fixed bike juliet!



Anonymous said...

the locking cog hubs are made by charge as is most of the bike the hubs are called the charge shaker.
cheers Tony C

J.mika'ele said...

thanks for the tip tony! ill look into it.