Friday, September 4, 2009

favor bikes?

not sure wether this is hella sick or hella sketch. dont get me wrong, the geometry is sick, but when a new bike conpany pops up with a handful of bikes all adorned with the same components (from a component company ive never heard of before- enter), i feel a little.... not at ease. im sure someone will pop up and vouch for these bikes, but i wont be able to make a judgement til i see one in person or someone riding one hard....
照片-177-1 by calorie_07.
note how the green one has a diff fork and a 650 front.
3815407943_7b4aa6fd53 by calorie_07.
照片-302-1 by calorie_07.
uhm i guess thats cool.
照片-171-1 by calorie_07.
still a little sketchy.... anyone have any more info to ease my mind?


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