Tuesday, September 15, 2009

charge x griffin plug

as a fan of charge bikes, but not a fan of fashionista companies, the charge griffin plug was half way to my bad side. as a bike, it's phenomenal. ive been a major fan of charge's downhill setups and therefore it translated to their fixed gear offering: the plug. before i heard what griffin was, i thought this was the best charge offering yet. then i found out.

surprisingly, im not mad. why? because charge makes a damn good looking bike, and this is still one of the best looking bikes they have made. it comes with all the stuff that was released this year; the straw bars, the griffin camo bucket saddle, the whisk fork, sugino messengers, masher halflink chain, and eclat PC pedals (eclat's still around? d*mn...i gotta put something eclat on my bike).

unfortunately, this thing is from charge so wont see my shores, its roughly $1140 US dollars (the seat is $80), and it's limited to 500. so scoop one up if you happen to live in europe, are ballin out of control, and like rare stuff.


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