Monday, September 28, 2009

cervelo t1 and t3

if you dont know, when you have a cervelo, you have an extremely expensive piece of equipment as well as something that is both loved and feared. i think the cervelo p4 is one of the craziest bikes ive ever seen in person. the geometry is so different as well as so innovative... it's just nuts.
Cervelo P4
but enough about my trials bike fantasies. cervelo is coming out with a new track frame: the t1. now if you have no clue what this means, i'll explain in just a second, but here's the T1:
Cervélo T1
(via RFG)

“Het op de olympische spelen van 2008 zou succesvolle T3 baanframe krijgt een broertje in de vorm van het T1 aluminium baanframe. Dit volledig nieuw ontwikkeld baanframe maakt gebruik van alle kennis op het gebied van aerodynamica en stijfheid die bij Cervelo aanwezig is. Zo hebben de buizen de specifieke airfoil vorm voor minimale luchtweerstand en hoge stijfheid, ook is de zitbuis zo gevorm dat het wiel  perfect zit weggewerkt in het frame.

Het T1 track frame is leverbaar in de maten 51-54-56 en 58cm.

De T1 track is als complete fiets afgemonteerd met een Michebaan groep voor 1799.- bij uw Cervelo dealer te koop.

de eerste uitlevering van de T1 wordt in de loop van november verwacht.”

this is in dutch. dutch isnt far off from german. i know some german. so here's my rough translation (im so hard i dont need an online translator):
"because of the success of the t3 track frame in the 2008 olympics, we present to you the t1 aluminum bicycle frame. it has the aerodynamics and strength you could expect in a cervelo. it's specific airfoil shape is for minimal drag- it's f*cking perfect.

the t1 will be availible in 51, 54,56 as well as 58 cm sizes.

a complete setup will run you for 1799 (whatever currency, i have no clue what currency...)

it will release in november."

ok, not it's not as extreme as the p4, there is a significance of the release of this frame. you see, the p4's less developed brother is the p3:
Cervélo T3 product detail
which translates onto the drome as the 2010 t3 (not to be mistaken with terminator 3) which is also new:
now here is where the t1 comes in. the t1 is going to be the t3's aluminum brother. this is exciting news for drome heads because up until now, cervelo;s have been hard to come by, and the t1 is going to be considerably less expensive yet still give great cervelo performance... it's silly to talk so much about it especially when im supposed to talk about urban pursuit style track bikes, but this this is just liquid awesome.


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