Wednesday, September 9, 2009

bianchi pista via condotti & pista via brera

along with the super pista, the bianchi pista family grows by 2. let's do an overview, there is a regular pista, the pista blue, the new super pista, and now the pista via condotti and the pista via brera.
Bianchi Pista Via Condotti
this is the pista via condotti^^
Bianchi Pista via Brera
this is the pista via brera^^

from my undertanding brera is a museum in milan, and via condotti is a street in rome.... essentially, both are the same as the regular pista, but both come with brakes (front on via condotti, and both on the via brera), different handlebars, different seats, and a toeclip leather strap setup. im not a big fan of bianchis, theyre overrated. YEAH I SAID IT. O-VER-RAYYYYY-TED.


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