Monday, August 10, 2009

things that bother me: the womens nike fixed V.

i stumbled into a nike outlet while reminiscing all the good times ive had with my ridiculous sneaker habit and stumbled upon these:womens nike fixed speed v? A velcro cycling based sneaker...?
 the womens nike fixed speed v. now, i dont know what the f*ck these are, but judging from the side profile and the sole:
these are like, i dunno, cycling shoes. you wouldnt run in these, or do any other sport in these.
i mean, look at the side profile of the nike cycling poggio's. the fixed V loosely has that silhouette. is this what nike had in mind for fixed gear cycling? a womens shoe that dons the word "fixed" on it? it's beyond me. i mean i was psyched and sketched out that they made a clipless dunks around the beijing olympics for the BMXers:
what that meant to me was that roadies can be hypebeasts since the majority of clipless pedals are seen on road bikes... or on some cases MTBs but that's beyond the point.

lucky for the worldwide fixed gear community, lance used a nike event to introduce the zoom air tiempos which should be the direction of fixed gear oriented shoes should go:

but after seeing the womens fixed V i was left with an uncomfortable feeling. what was the fixed V supposed to be for? why is it a womens shoe? was that the first attempt at a fixed gar oriented shoe? what happened to nike's cycling department? why does one need clipless pedals in order to sport dunks?  am i asking too many questions? maybe. the fixed v will leave me baffled.


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