Wednesday, August 19, 2009

play by play: uniqlo x FGG korea

take a look at this:

this was pulled from a korean blog which shows a photoshoot of FGG korea for japanese brand uniqlo. (well now, its featured on a blog whose author is a filipino-american. funny how that works).

now when i first saw this, i thought: "great, another ploy of brands utilizing pseudo fixed gear riders for marketing product... great. oh, they're female riders- using the sex card eh? oh they're asian! so it become more of a 'me ruv you rong time' kinda thing" (yeah, i get offended very easily when i see these things. sorry.) now i made a big leap in thinking these are phony riders, and it's understandable:

they cover all the hype-bikeisms as well as the female bikeisms. radial aero front? check. 4 spoke corima 650 which is usually for legitimate trials and track bikes? check. murdered out all black bike? check. bike that has a theme which seems eerily similar to the recent hundreds pk ripper? check. pink frame? check. purple frame? check. well at least theyre not just posing around the bikes without being on them....

i scrolled down aimlessly, unmoved by the corima setup. for some reason, i believe that corimas are the last fancy wheel to be expoited. but that's going to be another story. i was really about to give up looking at this until:

the eerily similar hundreds bike themed girl  suddenly surprises the sh*t out of me. that's a leg over i can appreciate. no, im not making a sexual euphemism, this is really a respectable leg over skid. and it's not just that:

 that last pop up is almost full 90. it's crazy. hell, my ass cant even pop up like that.

i give it up to these girls. in a sport usually dominated by men, these women kick ass. i was pleasantly proved wrong and i applaud FGG korea. go check them out, even though i have no idea how to read korean. here's a sample of what you'll see:

i didnt even know korea had such a big following (i can hear your thoughts of "f*cking ignorant amarican" ringing in my ears). so shouts to FGG korea- keep up the good work!


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