Thursday, August 20, 2009

locked cog 1 year event update

locked cog's one year event looks promising especially now that we know whats up for grabs:

"Provided by…

- Eighthinch
Gold drop bars.
Gold cranks.
- Leader Bikes
- Lucky Lefty’s
Mash/Benny Gold sprints, Fuct and 10 Deep tees.
Mishka and Lucky Lefty’s hats.
- Nemesis Project
Tioga neon green and black toe clips.
Nemesis Project X Cup Noodles lunch.
- Ikon Cycles
Knog Skink front and rear lights.
Ikon Cycles water bottles.
- Sub Q Body Piercing
$50 Gift cert.
Kitty cat tee.
- Trick Track
Moral support.
- Redbull
Well DUH! On location!"

 oh and details are up:
- Meet at 7th and T st for start of event…
- $2 for either the trick comp or race…free entry to the other for one. Party be freee. (Any money left over from entry and not covering costs will be donated to our friend Jason who had his Fuji Track Pro recently stolen. There will also be donations accepted for him at the event…everything helps!)
- Trick comp sign ups will be between 4:30 and 4:45…comp starts at 5.
- Minicat will leave from trick comp location. Sign ups at 6:10 with race starting at about 6:30.
- Afterparty location will be on the manifests and everyone is welcome from the end of the minicat till the break of dawn! Bom bom ba bom."

congrats again lockedcog! do it big!



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