Sunday, August 2, 2009

the hundreds x se pk ripper

The Hundreds x SE Racing BMX Bike | 26" PK Ripper
(via highsnobiety)
i put down alot of collaborations but this one deems okay on my list of hate. instead of doing a standard 24, the hundreds oped for the 26" om flyer (i would've gone for the 29'er BIG RIPPER imo.) people are going to mistake this for a pk ripper, i guarantee it. but the fact of the matter is pk rippers are excluseively 20 & 24" (the other current ripper is the so cal ripper @24"). om flyers are 26". big rippers are 29". soooooo either this is going to be a new model or im stupid for knowing all these facts (i bet it's the latter). anyways, i believe this came out pretty nice. the hundreds' signature jagged pattern is reminiscent to the phony in your-face-neon-fluorescent-yo-mtv-raps 80's. i would probably switch the front and back tires just to break it up a bit..... all in all this is a pretty  sweet deal with the one brake, and low profile handlebars and pads.


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