Monday, August 31, 2009

gods' cogs' triple flange iso hub

so this looks like a regular laced docici rim yeah?


(via prolly)
 this thing is insane. so if iso hubs are the next big thing in track hub development, then this has to be some other world jetsons sh*t. ive never seen a triple flange hub before. this wheel pictured is a 32 spoke dodici laced as 12-8-12. the more standardized 36 spoke would be laced 12-12-12. as sick as this is, i'm skeptical. is this some sort of gimmick that just looks hella sick, but isnt structurally sound? would the middle flange strengthen or weaken the spokes? is there more tension or less tension with the 3rd flange? hmmm questions to ponder about.


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