Monday, August 24, 2009

giant bowery FMX

Giant Bowery FMX
(via cadence 120)
OH COME ON! FMX? WHAT THE F*CK. i dont understand how giant can step up and say "OKAY WHAT YOUVE BEEN CALLING FIXED FREESTYLE AND TARCKING WE ARE NOW CALLING IT FMX!" that aint right on any level, might as well call it the giant bowery FML. this is what's ruining the whole fixed gear system, there's no soul in this bike. what happened to finding the perfect part and putting it on yourself? what happened to all the real built bikes? this seems so.... holllow to me. the rip of profile imperial with 3 pc bmx cranks, platform pedals top tube pad, bmx seat, short stem, risers- it's all there, but all has no soul. in addition, i would never sell this bike. selling a platform pedaled fixed gear to newcomers is extremely dangerous and has far too many risks. i'm sorry, but platform pedals without clips are not meant for a noob's riding. oh and it's alu. so if you chuck it over a gap or off some stairs, get ready to find another frame. at $750, this bike is a rip.
here's cadence120's description
"Giant's Bowery FMX might have been born in the velodrome but it was definitely raised in the BMX world. This fun city steed boasts an aluminum frame and chromoly fork for a light, responsive ride that can take on whatever the urban landscapes has in store for you. This sweet rig is ready for whatever tricks you can throw down, too, with stiff 3-piece chromoly cranks, a BMX-style saddle and a stubby stem with riser bars. And, the fast-rolling 700c wheels with Michelin tires can handle drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping. There's even a thick wrap around the top tube to protect you as well as this sweet frame while it's locked up."

look, say what you want, but giant is ripping people off with this setup. dont get me wrong, giant makes a great fised gear with the regular bowery; but when it comes to this, might as well make your own. and im sure there's going to be a problem with them platforms. play it safe.


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