Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bike polo progression: fleet velo's "the joust"

saw this on urban velo, and it sparked my interest. last monday i hung out with some bike polo players, and i recall one of them talking about what would be the perfect bike. fat tires, 26er ish, enough room for a ball to pass under as well as clearance for a mallet to do tricky hits... well here's the answer to the search for a polo specific bike: fleet velo's "the joust"

it's a 26er with a tall geometry. the long track droputs are vital for changing up the rear wheel's flip flop hub- heres an idea: one gear for street riding, another for polo court ripping. there's v brake mounts on the frame and fork, and a pologuard on the crank. with the downtube gusset, this thing is pretty much built to take those heavy impact polo hits. $650 gets you the bike- though it's pricey, it makes sense. polo specific parts are hard to come by and alot of hardtail mountain bike/cyclocross frames are also hard to come by.

now this may not seem like a big step, but really, it is in polo progression. while mass made mallets arent on the market yet, a polo bike can be considered great progress in the sport. hats off the fleet velo for stepping up to the plate.


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