Monday, August 17, 2009

all city's dropout

(via all-city)
looks like all city is brewing up an answer to costly volume cutters and mke bruisers. this is the all city dropout, and though it looks plain, it's not.

here are the specs:

Headtube: 1 1/8 integrated headset
Tubeset:  Full 4130 Double Butted Cromoly
Brakes:  990’s
Fork: 400mm ATC unicrown construction (the fork should be available sooner than the frameset)
Tire Clearance: 40c’s (easy)
Dropouts: All-City signature cast from Cromo instead of stainless. The Cromoly gives greater axle bite and less wheel slippage.
Rear spacing: 120mm

the geometry follows more of a fixed freestyle shape, and is pretty much geared toward that type of riding. looks killer.

but here are my suggestions: needs gyro tabs,reinforcement on the bottom of the downtube and top tube (where the fork goes), and maybe a built in chain tensioner would be nice. other than that, it looks solid. oh, and i back all city's components- theyre sick. im running their doublle gate toeclips and double straps, one of the guys i ride with is running their cranks (which look f*cking awesome), and another of those guys just bought their track pedals. quality stuff.

look foreward to seeing more of this,

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