Friday, July 10, 2009

urban outfitters x republic bikes: revisited

sooooo here's the website desciption:

"Built by us & you. Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Republic
Bike to bring you a personalized experience in bike design. We offer
more than 100,000 component and color combinations for the fixed /
single gear Aristotle bike. You just need to pick and choose. Republic
Bike will build it, box it and ship it directly to you."

nice of them to not mention its a "fixie". but in the wise words of the late billy mays: "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!"

remember that thing i said about boots...? well here's the pic that leads to the bike "shop"

BLAAAAAAAAAOOOOOW! (i got that from john cardiel.)

that has to be the WORST thing to wear while riding a fixed gear bike. and i thought that boots would set it off- white jeans? it's not the 80's anymore. plus, all the chain grease and the dirt accumulated while riding? those are gonna become brown jeans. or worse, ripped jeans. white shirt? gonna get dirty and it would be easer to spot sweat. AND NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WAR A SCARF WHILE RIDING A BIKE. ugh. there is a reason to my madness of wearing cut-off jeans a slayer shirt and a baseball cap. i may look stupid, but i got it all right. remember, when it comes to riding a bike: keep it metal.

(via mattlingo)
okay, maybe not norwegian black metal. but you get the idea.


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