Sunday, July 19, 2009

the take streaker

so earlier i mentioned how bmx companies are setting up fixed gear frames to broaden their horizons- the take happens to be one of them. based out in NY, the take is like a sub-brand of FBM (both are under last call distribution) that focuses on one thing: SHREEEEEDDDIIING (these f*ckers are after my heart). in any case, theyve been leaking pics of their next endeavor called "the streaker"

in may they released these pics before it was called the streaker:

today they releases these:

(via thetake)

this is going to be josh hayes from the macaframa fame's bike. it's nice to see all the pre-order macaframa dollars go to work- first jmag gets a new setup and now josh, who's next?

sweet sh*t comeing out from the take.


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