Sunday, July 26, 2009

it's wrahw.

hfwidos got a blog now, and it's filled with stuff that i really like. blood, interviews, rants, richie jackson (the skateboarder) it's all there.  recently, he interviewed tyler johnson and got a few interesting points out there about the term 700cmx, video spots, his style of aluminum frame + carbon fork, and seattle's community. all in all hfwido is doing an awesome job with blogging.

what really got me though was the mtbmx rant. i agree with everything he says- there'e no doubt in my mind that the progression in fixed freestyle is leading up to just big burly fixed bmx bikes. the wheels are getting wider, the forks are getting beefier ans the frames are evolving to a lower profile just to  accomodate this style of riding. and i cant find a better culprit than hfwido's example:

Toboggan of handrail

Super Ted's Toboggan 
Photo by Fixed Gear London

i understand that both are pretty misunderstood sectors of the cycling world- and well we're both progressing on the same level. it's not a bit of a leap to say that both are almost the same (WOAH WOAH i dont want to geat ahead of myself.) however there are things that can be done on a fixed gear that cant be done on a 26er or a 29er, and vice versa. with that said- i'm gonna be following wrahw, and i cant wait for what hfwido has to say next.


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