Thursday, July 30, 2009

the f*cked up republic.

and it begins. as the first waves of the urban outfitters x republic bikes are released so grows the hate towards them. i came across the mobius cycle holistic bike shop blog (of Seattle) which denounced the republic and redubbed it the rePUBElic.
Now that you've ridden my Re(pubelick), would you like to ride me?

they ranked the complete urban track bikes (they've worked on) in this order: 1)bianchi pista, 2)se draft/lager, 3) iro, 4) pake, 5) republic. here's what they had to say:
" Where to start...the forkends (rear dropouts) on the Republic we held were welded on crooked. While bending them to a proper width, I noticed they resembled butter more than steel. In other words, the frame is a limp noodle. Because of the crooked dropout the wheel would barely spin and a horrendous amount of tension was on all the parts. Thankfully this rider wants to ride his freewheel instead of fixed. The wheels were hopeless. The freewheel had no grease. The hub cones were loose. The cranks weren't on tight. etc. etc. etc. But the crowning jewel was the plastic clamp on the brake levers. When your threads strip and you grab a hand-full of brake, at least you won't endo when the clamps break and all your left with is a hand-full of lever. Shido and I spent hours trying to polish this turd and we just ended up with less turd. It rode out of mobius for only $30 labor because it was freewheel (and our labor prices are low and go directly to the mechanic). If he had wanted fixed, he would have needed a new cog $35 EAI, new lockring $10 Dura Ace, new chain $20 Izumi eco, and a new wheel $? just to ride home. That's not including all the other parts that were f**k'd just for being crappy and made in a crappy way because Urbane Outfitters f**k'd over people in other countries so we can pay less than 1/4 of our monthly income to have a bike.

The lesson: If you don't spend a slightly uncomfortable amount of money for something as complicated as a bicycle you will get what you paid for, and a trip to the hospital to boot. We won't lie to you or sell you crap at mobius. However, you will have to invest more than 4 bills and your own time to roll a bike that's safe. Good luck, and we'll see you when the wheels fall off."

well said guys. im praying all the hipster f*cks get angry at UO for giving the sh*tt bikes, and get angry that they just spent 4 bills on a sh*tty bike and result in less hipsters and even more less hipsters on bikes.

bring the hate.


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