Friday, July 24, 2009

capain fin x difisso

captain fin is cool in it's own right. difisso bikes are awesome in its own right. i didnt mind that captain fin did a collabo with vans surf on the 106sf (i ride with those shoes- dope shoe btw) beacuse that makes sense and it came out great:

but when i found out about the difisso x vans collabo, my mind blew. surfing and bikes? how is this going to work?

OHHHHHHH NOOO. didnt you guys listen to me when i ripped on the fuji x vans? didnt you guys listen when i ripped on the fuji x obey? theyre great in their own right, BUT SUCK WHEN THEY ARE INFUSED. that fork looks oddly familiar...

ITS A STRIPED VARIATION OF MY FORK. ugh..... difisso, i love your brand. captain fin i love your style but please.... everyones needs to stop with the high end collabos. please. youre ruining how awesome my fork is.


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