Thursday, July 23, 2009

all city big block off road

jeff from all city recently threw his track bike onto some dirt (fixed cyclocross?) and even though it looks a little sketchy, it looks kinda fun as well.

(via allcity)

"Took the Big Block out for some dirt last night, and it was awesome.  The bike handled great, the high bottom bracket made log piles no problem, the steep angles weren’t really noticeable, and riding fixed gear off road makes you feel like a combination of Burt Reynolds, Kit from Knight Rider, and Slayer (total badass).  It’s a pretty satsifying feeling passing dudes on full suspension Specialized’s, and having them ask if that’s a cross bike.  Nope, it’s a pure trackie.  Suckers."

pretty sweet! let's see more of these on dirt!


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