Sunday, June 21, 2009

michael leon's cycling uniform

so michael leon is an artist / director of nike sb. on his arkitip blog i found that the next am to go pro will most likely be sf native (and all around insane skater) justin brock. i remember wating the real podcast that featured him and i seriously believed that he was the dopest dude skating nikes (unoffically at the time). i look forward to seeing him go pro.

but back to leon; he is a cyclocross rider for the mudfooters. personally, i want to try cyclocoss at least once. anyway, he desingned a cycling setup for a buddy and it makes me wish i work for nike. im a nutso nike sb fan. so when i saw this:

(via arkitip)
i sh*t my pants. i want them. im not gonna lie. i want that uniform. i dont care how lame i'll look in a uniform setup or how un metal that sh*t is. i. want. that. uniform.

tis all,

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Pete23 said...

I know this post is like six years old but I totally fking want this