Friday, May 15, 2009

one year sans twenty

today is my 19th birthday. i have no clue as to what im doing for it. in one week im moving back to san jose and it's going to be different going back home. i know all my friends back home are still like themselves, but i feel kinda sketchy about going home. maybe ive changed alot over the past year or so.  i hope thats not the case.

yesterday i cruised downtown to get a bite to eat. there i found myself at the thursday farmers market. now the farmers market makes me feel a lot of different emotions for some reason. first off i feel awkward walking among a sea of caucasians. being filipino, im hella dark, and cops look at me like im suspicious or something. maybe it's the shirt i was wearing depicting kittens eating a recently deceased human skull...

then there's the emotion of pride and respect towards the asian american vendors. seeing these people at the farmers market taking the time to grow and sell these farmed goods reminds me of the earlier times of south east asian immigration to the west coast where these immigrants found themselves in the fields of central california- before the cesar chavez and unions. then there is the emotion of agressiveness. there were a ridiculous amount of scene kids at the plaza. i couldve ran in a straight line with both of my arms out and i couldve clotheslines alot of them- yet that wouldnt even scratch the surface of how many that were there. UGHH i seriously wanted to do that.

dude thats gross and hard to look at.

i love this drawing. "eliminates the need for upper body strength." "bolt on wheels: foils thieves who lack wrench skills" HAHAHAHAHAHA this is unfortunately sad but true.


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