Friday, February 20, 2009

sitting in class

and we're talking about rape.

and speaking of rape: rock of love. something is wrong with vh1 because instead of bret michaels, next season will use the all mighty glen danzig. GLEN DANZIG? FROM DANZIG AND SAMHAIN? the GLEN DANZIG? the one who i played MOTHER everytime on guitar hero II? that GLEN DANZIG? the one slike sagging down a straight face in the MISFITS, GLEN DANZIG?

oh yeah... hes old.

it's cold today and i sort of like it. i'm not sure if my gf is awake so ill give her a text or two via aim. hopfully my lazyness to find my binder with all my stuff wont result in laziness during class on the computer.

it makes me really sad to know my gf isnt coming up here anymore. its okay i guess. i know money is tight and all and she could save up for something cool for her birthday. and i guess i can always treat her out. i need to go buy postage so i can send her my gift.

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