Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hello wednesday. goodbye september.

so i went on a rant a thon. i just wanted to get it off my chest. i guess im still hypebeasty, but its all i have to wear. so i basically dont have a choice.

woke up and my throat had the roughies. my nose had the runnies. but somehow i figured- i should just go to class. and so i did. but i stopped at 7-11 for some taquitos. they were great. i found out that i cant eat while riding. or drink. or talk on the phone. but i did manage to figure a solution for the phone situation- i would put it on speaker and fold it on my shirt so i have my shirt being weighed down with the phone.... yeah its pretty legit except for the fact that it looks like im talking to myself while i ride.

i figured out i love to f*ck around with drivers. i raced a van down broadway. and at first i thought he was toying with me- the driver gave me a "wtf? is he really keeping up with me?" look. and then i guess i was cogblocking him (thats right i said cogblock) out of the lane. another instance would be stoplights. first off- drivers as well as pedestrians and bystanders are amazed when i pull to a stop because im trackstanding the whole time (where i just balance on the bike at a stop). what surprises drivers is the fact that i can pull. and when i pull- i pull hard. i beat cars off the line and keep up with them for a good distance. i really want to get a cycle computer to see how crazy my rpms are. i know they arent gonna be garrett chow status, but it could be pretty good. i think my legs are getting used to the strain- theyre not sore until i pull so hard i look like an idiot kid on a big wheel going downhill with their feet glued to their pedals.

oh and i figured out- my rear wheel isnt completely straight. so it got me wondering

here are my goals for cycling:
-i need to figure out how much i ride
-i need to figure out how fast im going down 2nd on any given afternoon.
-since i got down 1 footed skids i need to figure variations. (not really into tricks though)
-perfect my trackstands. i realized today that i have become quite rusty.
-learn every part on my bike. i know most of the part but i really want to understand why that part is essential, what it does etc.
-i need to get a toolset.

what is the future of the bike
i really dont know- its such a great commuter/beater. i dont want to stick some crazy gold velocity wheels on them. and furthermore i kinda like the setup as is minus the tires but that can be fixed. i like my pursuit handle bars. i like my brakes (theyve saved me on many occasion). i just put leather straps and metal toeclip and that relly helps out with the pulling (thanks mike @ chico bike and board for letting use some tools and for putting my cog on). a set of wheels might be in the future or maybe a sugino messenger or a straight up carbon fsa track crankset (btw, fsa ftw), but who knows. thats all i can think of.

in other news- melissa might be coming here. i dont care how long it takes im excited. i miss her so much. i miss oreo too. hell i miss milpitas. HAHAHAHA

milpitas not so much. but i love my melissa and oreo =]


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