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BHSK began as a personal blog with snippets of track cycling and fixed gear related attached at the end of each post. After a while, all this bike stuff ended up over powering my personal stuff and i decided to make this a full on fixed gear focused blog. However, i don't necessarily take whatever is on other people's blogs and repost it and just say "I LIKE THIS" link other zombie bloggers- i give my own input and really try to put different spins or explanations to what is occurring in the fixed gear realm.

Naturally, sometimes i have something original and interesting to contribute to the fixed gear madness; And sometimes i like to take a step back and analyze where we are as a unique culture in cycling as a sport. It's not only track cycling- it's urban track cycling, hill bombing, courier culture, fixed freestyle, underground sprint racing, keirin, and though i hate to say it- hipsters. it's amazing how much fixed gear culture has grown in it's short (but some will argue it's quite long, and i believe that as well) history.

About Jmik.

I'm a Psychology student at Chico State University, but originally I'm from San Jose, CA. I got into fixed gear riding in 2008 since i found myself hating the one mile skateboard ride to campus. I haven't been separated from my bike ever since.

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Bomb Hills Speed Kills is a one man project. Blog upkeep as well as server costs is hard on my already thinning wallet. That being said, every penny you donate goes into the blog and the blog only.


I haven't sorted this one out yet, so just contact me. Most of the time when someone wants me to slap a link up, I just do it. I find that if I'm nice to people, they will reciprocate the niceness back...

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